About Us

Resnick Distributors, now in its third generation, is in the top 25 of the largest convenience store distributors in the country. Over the years, our continued growth is attributed to our commitment to provide excellent service to our customers. Our experienced salespersons, our innovative technology, strong infrastructure and our broad product line knowledge are what define our service to our customers. We are here to service you and to help you grow your business.

Resnick is a full-service convenience distribution company, located in New Brunswick, NJ, carrying cigarettes and tobacco, confections, snacks, grocery, frozen food, food service, cold and hot beverage programs, general merchandise, equipment, health & beauty care and paper & plastic supplies. Resnick services convenience stores, --plus, pharmacies, supermarkets, travel retail, tobacco shops, gift shops, specialty stores, wholesalers and concessions, supplying single owned and operated stores as well as large chains. Resnick Distributors is a licensed cigarette stamper and tobacco wholesaler for New Jersey, New York State, New York City, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Hampshire, Maryland, Washington, DC, and multiple jurisdictions within Virginia.

Along with our convenience store distribution business, Resnick also operates a fundraising master distributor business and a logistics services business. Resnick is a Hershey Fundraising master distributor and services fundraising distributors nationally. We specialize in time-sensitive and drop-ship deliveries. Additionally, Resnick provides logistic services to manufacturers and retailers. We specialize in cross-dock, piece pick operations and transportation.