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Nonchocolate Sees Sweet, Double-Digit Growth 


Despite double-digit category inflation, 74% of consumers agree that confectionery remains an affordable treat, according to the 2023 State of Treating Report from the Washington, D.C.-based National Confectioners Association (NCA); however, 45% of consumers applied one or more money-saving measures in 2022, switching between types, brands, pack sizes and stores.

Boosted by inflation, sales reached $42.6 billion in the total market according to Euromonitor, whose sales projections take the total category to $54.3 billion by 2027. Units and volume in IRI-measured channels had mixed performances.

Broken into segments, total chocolate sales came out to be $23.9 billion (up 9.1%). Total nonchocolate and gum/mint sales reached double digit growth (up 13.8%), at $15.4 billion and $3.2 billion, respectively.

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