Ice Break Tins Sour Berry 1.5oz.


Make sure you keep Ice Breakers Sour Fruits Original Sours close by for a mouth-watering, fruit-flavored treat. Perfectly packaged to fit anywhere, Ice Breakers mints pack a powerfully refreshing and tangy punch while remaining travel-size! Experience intensely sour and pleasantly sweet combinations of fruity flavors, specially picked to help freshen or refresh your mouth!

Fruity Freshness on the Go

  • Pucker up! Keep a container of Ice Breakers Sours in your pocket for instantly fresh breath no matter where you are! From school to the office, or home to the movies, you’ll be prepared for whatever life throws you!
  • Keep these Ice Breakers Sours mints handy at work! Pop a mint in your mouth before a meeting for instantly sweet fresh breath. Leave a refreshing impression!
  • Open up the 'to share' side of your container to share the invigorating minty burst of Ice Breakers Sugar Free Mints with friends. You’ll become the most popular person in the room!