Logic Power Capsules Menthol 1.8% 3 Pack

The LOGIC Pro pre-filled, vacuum sealed e-Liquid cartridge is a big change in both the quality and convenience of the vape pen. It offers you “grab and go” convenience and spillage safety. The way it works is the nicotine-infused e-Liquid is heated quickly by the atomizer to the point of becoming vapor rather than organic material actually burning. This produces an inhalable vapor that delivers nicotine and menthol flavor. The e-Liquid was created exclusively for LOGIC with premium, three-times distilled oils producing a rich and full flavor of menthol while eliminating the thousands of toxins present in a traditional cigarette.

  •  3 cartridges per pack.
  •  Up to 1200 puffs per cartridge.
  •  1.8% nicotine by volume.