We have owned and operated convenience store in New Jersey for more than twenty five years. We have used Resnick distributors from the beginning and we are really happy with their service.  They have provided us with exceptional service, timely deliveries, willingness to work with our schedules. They have always worked with us to increase sales for our businesses by providing new products and new sales techniques.

Overall, they have always been there for us and provided us with a feeling of being part of the the Resnick family. We would recommend them to any small business.
Thank you
Dipak and Vipul

Dipak and Vipul - Convenience Store
New Jersey , NJ


We have been dealing with Resnick Distributors since 2010 and it has been a pleasure! We have been content with the service and with their kindness to always go the extra mile for us when we have needed them. It should come as no surprise that we used Resnick when we opened up our second location. The best thing about Resnick Distributors is the fact that they have always understood how we go about doing things and have adapted to our business culture. Their sale team is extremely knowledgeable and recommends new items based on our market – not items that “may sell” or items that we “should try.” Bottom line is that they make running our stores much easier and are available ASAP should we ever need them!

Nomi Khan - Holland LLC
New Jersey, NJ

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