What exactly is a Premium Cigar?

October 19, 2020 11:52 AM

“Premium cigars” are defined as a cigar that:

  • Is wrapped in whole tobacco leaf; contains a 100% leaf tobacco binder;
  • Contains at least 50% (of the filler by weight) long filler tobacco (i.e., whole tobacco leaves that run the length of the cigar);
  • Is handmade or hand rolled (i.e., no machinery was used apart from simple tools, such as scissors to cut the tobacco prior to rolling);
  • Has no filter, non-tobacco tip, or non-tobacco mouthpiece;
  • Does not have a characterizing flavor other than tobacco;
  • Contains only tobacco, water and vegetable gum with no other ingredients or additives; and
  • Weighs more than 6 pounds per 1,000 units.
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